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The Tree of Brokenness Charcoal Drawing Timelapse

October 8, 2019

Part of Series: Teaching Series

Media Categories: Video

EBM Commissioned three pieces of art for the distinct purpose of representing our healing journey through Christ. The Tree of Brokenness, The Tree of Restoration, and Return to the Garden. Thanks to Studio Sixtyone ( and Ashley Benedict for her tireless effort in capturing the vision.

The Tree of Brokenness illustrates our futile attempt to get our needs met apart from God. Inevitably this leads to extreme brokenness and barrenness in our lives. Choosing to do so makes it impossible to walk in the fruits of the Spirit promised to every believer.

The root system represents our core longings that were only met in a perfect state of harmony with God in the Garden. Even in a fallen state, He’s the only answer in getting those needs addressed. The trauma and wounds we experience in our lives cause breaks disconnecting us from the source of life – God’s Heart. As shown in the root system of the tree. Those wounds drive lies and distortions impacting what we believe about ourselves and God separating us from our true identity (the trunk) and distancing us from Him.

Our response is to act out in dysfunctional ways as we seek to fill the spot only reserved for God. The “isms” we chose (named in the branches) are a mere substitute for the healing power that exists only in an intimate relationship with Christ.

We say around here, “The Tree is Me”. Every human being on the planet needs to experience the healing touch of a personal Savior. That Savior is Jesus Christ.

Click the link to view the timelapse video of this charcoal drawing.