From The Founders

It’s been an amazing journey. And now God has another trail for us to blaze. Together. The privilege of seeing God change lives right here in our own hometown and around the world.

Our desire is to walk alongside each person in our sphere of influence but predominantly —the least, the last, and the left out. Those individuals with limited or no resources that would enable them to go deeper into the journey toward freedom in Christ. A great deal of emphasis and resources are directed to those experiencing homelessness and the Mission Community at large by teaching and encouraging those who have shown a desire to find a new path.  A new way of connecting with the heart of God to find healing in their own very broken lives.

We have a challenge facing us. The Christian church has been a cornerstone of American life for centuries, but much has changed in the last 30 years. Americans are attending church less, and more people are experiencing and practicing their faith outside of its four walls.

According to Barna Groups research, spiritual transformation can be measured in a series of ten stops: (1) ignorance of the concept or existence of sin, (2) aware of and indifferent to sin, (3) concerned about the implications of personal sin, (4) confession of and forgiveness for sin, (5) commitment to faith activities, (6) experiencing a prolonged period of spiritual discontent, (7) experiencing personal brokenness, (8) choosing to surrender and submit fully to God, (9) enjoying a profound intimacy with and love for God, and (10) experiencing a profound compassion and love for humanity.

Most Americans, according to the research, never get beyond stop three, awareness and concern about sin and its effects, but not cooperating with Christ to alleviate that problem. Among those who become “born again Christians,” most never move past stop five. That’s a sad finding and one that each committed Christ follower should be challenged to do someting about.

At EBM we’re committed to bringing the healing message of Jesus Christ that encourages each of us to embrace our brokenness and move far beyond “stop 7”.  Toward complete surrender, intimacy with God, and love for Him and all of mankind. What might that look like for you? We’re here to help. Engage in our message, contact us, or start by signing up for our blog and regular updates.

Blessings to you all, Steve & Colleen Adams

Embracing Brokenness

We were born into an imperfect world to imperfect parents as imperfect people. We inherited a mess. When Adam and Eve bit that darn fruit everything changed. Where perfect fellowship was broken in a heartbeat. But God…. Provided a way. A way to heal the wounds of our past and experience His unconditional love. The simple solution is to engage in this journey by embracing our own brokenness and inviting God into the process.

George Barna said it very well. “An individual cannot transform himself, nor can a church transform a person. That work can only be done by God, through the empowerment and direction of the Holy Spirit. But God is eager to partner with those who will cooperate with Him. Understanding what God seeks to do in our lives is a critical step toward not becoming seduced and sidetracked by mere religious activity. The richness of the journey is found in the experience of progressing through the challenges of the process in the company of God.”

Look around our site. You’ll find free content, tools and ways to connect as part of your process toward restoration and freedom in Christ.

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Return to the Garden

Return to the Garden – Through Jesus death and resurrection, all believers have the capacity for intimacy with God. That same intimacy that we experienced as we walked and talked with Him in the Garden of Eden. At His crucifixion, when Christ declared “It is Finished”, the temple veil was torn from top to bottom providing complete access to the His throne room. Our ability to step back into the Garden and enjoy full, uninhibited intimacy with Him was restored – as it was always intended to be.

The Tree of Brokenness

The Tree of Brokenness illustrates our futile attempts to get our needs met apart from God, leading to extreme brokenness in our lives. Choosing to do so makes it impossible to walk in the fruits of the Spirit promised to every believer. The root system, representing core longings that can only be met in God, are broken due to the traumas and wounds we experience in our lives. Those wounds separate us from our heart and distance us from Him. Due to that disconnect, our response is to act out through dysfunctional behavior, illustrated in the branches, as we seek to fill the spot only reserved for Him. These behaviors are no substitute for the healing work of Christ in our lives.

The Tree of Restoration

Tree of Restoration – Once our traumas and wounds are addressed – through Christ – we are equipped to experience a whole new relationship with God, our core longings fully met in Him. The result of this transformed relationship is a vibrant, blossoming life exhibiting all the fruits of the Spirit. Fully alive in Him, our identity is secure in the truth of who we were created to be. A restored child of God – one that can live out the purpose that God has called each of us to experience. Unique in every way, we are then equipped to step into the freedom God has for us when we reconnect with our true-self and His heart. Our wounds are healed so we can pass His love on to others.

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