Our Mission

  • To bring the gospel of spiritual healing through Jesus Christ to a hurting world.
  • To live authentically and “out loud” the journey in each of our lives that led us to a greater understanding of who we are and who God is.
  • To teach others that a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ is possible and how to practically experience that intimacy in their daily walk with Him.
  • To love others with a love that only God has placed in our hearts as we share with each person what He’s done for us, directed by the Holy Spirit in every encounter.
  • To never give in and never give up, even under heavy fire from an enemy that seeks to destroy us.
  • To teach and preach the blessed HOPE that the Bible calls the “Anchor of the Soul”. That is Jesus Christ and His healing presence – not only available in this life – but in eternity to come.


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