Our Mission

At Embracing Brokenness Ministries we’ve been commissioned to bring the message of healing to a hurting world. To “live out loud” what God has done in our individual lives as an encouragement to believers who seek to learn more about what they were created for and more about the God who did the creating.

The challenge is to embrace the broken places in ourselves. The wounded and traumatized places where life-altering experiences occurred through the influence of others or through our own choices. Healing from those wounds comes only through a posture of intimacy with God. One that allows Jesus to step into those hurts and re-interpret life from His vantage point, calling out our true identity as Child of God.

Our Mission and Commitment is……..

  • To love God by bringing the gospel of healing through Jesus Christ to a hurting world.
  • To love others with a love that God has placed in our hearts directed by the Holy Spirit in every encounter.
  • To teach others that a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ is possible and how to practically experience that intimacy in their daily walk with Him.
  • To live authentically and “out loud” the journey in each of our lives that led us to a greater understanding of who we are and who God is.
  • To expose the enemies attempt to exploit the wounds and traumas that each of us experiences delivering the good news of His Healing Presence.
  • To teach and live out the blessed HOPE that the Bible calls the “Anchor of the Soul”. That is Jesus Christ.
  • To never give in and never give up, even under heavy fire from an enemy that seeks to destroy us.


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