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The Tree of Brokenness & What It Means for Each of Us

August 13, 2019

by: Colleen Adams

Part of Series: Teaching Series

Media Categories: Audio, Podcasts, Video

Each of us encounters wounding and trauma in our lives. No exceptions. How we respond to those negative influences set up the rest of our days on this planet.

God wants to heal the broken places. The places where our identity was hijacked. Where the enemy loves to reside, reminding of us all the mistakes of our past and bad things that were done to or around us.

We MUST address the wounds on the inside; the ones that aren’t as evident but are acted on in very dysfunctional ways. Jesus is the answer. Allow Him to re-interpret those circumstances, correct the lies we believe about ourselves, and provide the path toward transformation and freedom. The recognition of who we really are. His children. Loved unconditionally. No exception.

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